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Auzmet Architectural | Prestige | Facade | Innovations
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Prestige Facade Innovations

About Auzmet Architectural

Auzmet Architectural are experts in the design, fabrication, assembly and installation of custom facade systems, from ACM Metal Panels, through to complete Unitized Curtain Wall. We can provide turnkey design-build services to the construction industry. We specialise in innovative architecture and challenging building projects. No project is too large, no building site too difficult for our team of experts. Our work experience includes over 30 years in the architectural facade industry. Many of our completed projects with specialized custom design products. Our factory both in Australia and the USA has the capabilities to manufacture hundreds of quality façade panels every day. You can be sure our skilled tradesman will deliver outstanding workmanship every time!

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Case Studies

Auzmet Architectural has proven excellence in the design, manufacturing and installation of composite metal panel systems around the world.

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Composite Metal Panels

Auzmet Architectural has proven excellence in the design, manufacturing and installation of composite metal panel systems around the world.

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Architectural Facades

Specialising in rain screen systems including ACM, aluminum plate wall panels, parking garage screens, perforated screen walls, phenolic and wood systems, louvers, sun control systems, and complete curtain wall facades.

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Insulated Wall Panels

We have experience from basic vertical insulated metal wall panel installations to “complete envelope” horizontal systems including integrated louvers and glazing systems.

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Complete Project Management

At Auzmet Architectural we know the project starts at conception. Our estimating team along with management carefully examine prospective projects to determine constructability, design criteria and production prior to bid time and continue this process through to contract negotiation and completion.


Design and Pre Construction

During each project’s design/pre construction phase our entire group at Auzmet Architectural will get involved,  from our facade designers right through to the manufacturing and on-site management teams.  The emphasis on this portion of our projects is monitored continuously so we can deliver the right design intent that is efficient and practical to fabricate and install leaving the client ecstatic with the finished product.



Quality control is the driving force for delivering a flawless product. Our Team at Auzmet Architectural takes QC to the next level. We are continually improving our quality management plans, with continuous in-house inspections by our team of production managers, coupled with some of the finest fabricators around the world, you can be sure we will deliver impeccable creations every time.


Site Installation

Our site installation team will be brought into each project as early as possible, this is the key to delivering a quality product on time and on budget. Our team of tradesman carefully asses each project and constantly liaise with our design and production team in the factory to ensure no stone is left unturned. Communication is key on any job therefore we pride ourselves on keeping the client/builder continually updated on scheduling and coordinating delivery with other trades.


Auzmet Racing

Auzmet Racing

Auzmet Architectural’s CEO Shane Tucker comes from a lifelong background of drag racing. He is a second generation driver for the well known and successful Rob Tucker Racing, an NHRA Pro Stock race team. Shane brings an ultra-modern lifestyle element to drag racing, never before seen in the industry. He has a unique image and charismatic personality making for a very marketable athlete and spokesperson for Auzmet.

Rob Tucker Racing came from humble beginnings and has evolved into a world class outfit that handles everything in-house, from car livery and graphic design to the manufacturing and development of their very own RTR race engines. Their marketing flair and attention to detail has provided the team with proven success and created one of the most comprehensive promotional tools available in the new age motorsports industry.

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