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It is hard to work in our field and not consider the environmental impact of our projects and daily activities. Construction efforts are a leading factor in the increase of pollution on Earth today. Our team at Auzmet is not only conscious of this, but we seek to constantly improve our practices to combat the production of waste for a greener, sustainable tomorrow.  

Environmentally Safe Materials

  • Various ACM sources with detailed reports of recycling tracking 

  • Sourcing various materials from local manufacturers

  • Use of terracotta, made from recycled clay

  • Panels and materials are made to alst for decades, extending the life of the building

  • Providing the combination of correct materials in wall assemblies to provide correct thermal control, providing efficient building energy cost control

  • Contribute to LEED certified projects by performing the Shell requirement of a Building Development + Construction certification

Sustainable Business Practices

  • Buy common materials in bulk

  • Recycling ACM is possible through a process that separates aluminum from core, we then recycle aluminum and repurpose the core

  • Modularity

  • Use of modern equipment to maximize efficiency of energy usage and waste

  • Properly disposing of electronics

  • Optimize deliveries for improving emissions

  • Paperless business operations, hybrid work environment


Looking Into The Future Of Cladding

As we enter more unprecedented times with global emissions and economic crisis on the horizon, we have started to integrate the value of repurposing buildings for extended lifecycles. Auzmet is willing to aid in the reskinning of buildings with thermally broken cladding systems that will make the building more energy efficient and provide a new envelope life cycle. These buildings would otherwise be called for demolition, leading to unnecessary pollution, additional carbon footprint, and time and financial resources inefficiently spent. We are able to take on the challenge of working with older buildings with our varied product offerings and best value engineered solutions for your project.  

"The greenest building is the one that already exists."

-Carl Elefante, former president of the American Institute of Architects

Our efforts when it comes to sustainable cladding solutions have only begun. Auzmet strives to improve our creation of eco-friendly panels on all levels, from materials sourcing to installation. We recently have become affiliated with the Green Business Bureau to keep track of our initiatives. Our continuous improvement on a product and practice level is led by our employees who know that uniting means a greener future. 

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